Surf Flow Training Plan

We will start by building and unlocking all the core surfing movements with our Surf Flow Yoga sessions. Then incorporating these movements into the surf skate practice so that through repetition and muscle memory we internalize and flow through them.

Once we have a deeper understanding of these movements we will apply them in the water.

Surf FLOW yoga

We combine the yoga tradition with surf focused movements to create a sequence that will enhance your body-mind awareness and give you a strong foundation to evolve your surfing.

The stretching practiced during Surf Flow Yoga will also help to prevent the most common injuries and aching resulting from surfing. 


The Surf Skate is the best tool to practice all the movements learned from our surf flow yoga and get a sense of the flow of movements, practice them and through repetition create muscle memory so we can start taking them to the water.


We will take you surfing to the best spot of the day considering the level of each surfer. Film footage of you surfing so we can go into detail on what you can do to progress your surfing and how to reach that goal.



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